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🍻From AncIent Brews to Street SIps: A QuIck HIstory of LadIes SIppIn' Beer 🍻

Cracking open a cold one on the streets? It's not just a guy thing. 😎 🍻 I recently designed this cool personalized Fabien based on her cool photo: A rad and beautiful lady sipping on a beer right there on the street!  Got me thinking about the awesome history of women and beer. Turns out, from ancient times to now, ladies have been the real bosses of brewing.  My doll?  I thin k she turned in to a tiny salute to that history and the chill vibe of enjoying a cold one:  Here's to the brew-loving ladies who've been rocking it through the ages and those keeping the beer culture alive today.: " Beer, at the very beginning of it's history, was a girl thing" Ancient Girl Power This tradition has its roots in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. People of all genders gathered in the open, sipping beer, and having a great time. When Mesopotamians wanted to celebrate beer, they chose to dedica

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